The Windmill

104 London Road, Headington, Oxford OX3 9AJ


Open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am to 5:30pm

The Windmill Shop offers an extensive range of fairtrade products including food, toys, crafts, gifts, cards, beauty and household products. It can be found on the main London Road in Headington, Oxford.

Welcome to the Windmill


Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. The number of ethical labels is growing, but fairtrade remains unique with a focus on supporting farmers and workers to improve the quality of their lives and take more control over their futures. The vision is of a world in which justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practices, so that everyone, through their work, can maintain a decent and dignified livelihood and develop their full potential.

Our Products

There are thousands of products that are labelled with the familiar fairtrade certification symbol. This is awarded in the UK by the Fairtrade Foundation. Carrying the mark means that the product meets international fairtrade standards – standards for the small producers’ organisations, for the hired labour involved, for the specific product(s), and for the traders who buy the products. They're not just a list of requirements for farmers and traders to farm and trade responsibly, but go further to support disadvantaged small-scale farmers and plantation workers, covering social development, economic development and environmental development. For the detail see the Fairtrade Foundation's website.

In The Windmill you’ll find many products with the fairtrade symbol, though we don’t sell fresh produce such as fruit, nor alcoholic drinks, nor adult clothing, all of which are available elsewhere. We also have an extensive range of craft and household goods which are fairly traded but for which there isn’t yet an agreed set of standards to apply for the mark. 

The Producers and Suppliers

Some of our stock comes from dedicated fairtrade wholesalers, who import from a variety of sources and check on the trading credentials of their suppliers. Some comes from wholesalers who specialise in fairtrade, organic and similar food products. For most other products we deal with smaller businesses or individuals who have a personal link with the growers or craftspeople, and who can personally vouch for the trading supply chain and the application of fairtrade principles. An example is Lanka Kade, who have long-term partnerships with family enterprises in Sri Lanka which go beyond the ten standard principles of fairtrade. The Windmill obtains most of its toys from this company.


The Shop

We exist to encourage and help everyone to choose to buy a fairtrade product instead of one that comes through a less fair trade route. Each purchase makes at least a small difference to a grower or producer somewhere, and the groundswell of hundreds of thousands of individuals and organisations buying fairtrade regularly has already had significant repercussions at national and international level.

‘The Windmill’ is open Monday to Saturday, 9:30am - 5:30pm, and is located in the main Headington shopping parade, on the south side of the London Road. The shop is near to the pedestrian crossing on the Oxford side of the central cross-roads, with a pleasant, wide pedestrian area outside. We welcome all visitors, whether to browse, to buy or to chat about fairtrade.

Bags and more

Whether you want ...

... a smart leather bag for the office, or a cotton shopper to roll up for your shopping trip, we have a wide range of attractive, fairly traded bags, satchels, purses, wash bags and more.

Brighten up the table

Recycled aluminium ware

From Namaste comes a range of polished recycled aluminium tableware with brilliant coloured enamel inlays. It makes a striking visual impact (though needs gentle washing to maintain this).

Madecasse Chocolate

Made in Africa

This new range of fairtrade dark chocolate is made in the country where the cocoa beans are grown (Madagascar), so much more of the benefit stays with the growers and producers there. There are four different styles, with up to 80% cocoa - why not try one?

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Windmill news

Meet Rachel

At the start of the year Rachel joined The Windmill team as part-time manager, to help as the business grows. If you haven't yet met her, she is usually in the shop on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, and Thursday and alternate Friday/ Saturday mornings.

4 February

Flip-flop Animals

Environmental clean-up and fair trading go hand-in-hand to make brightly coloured, patterned animals in various sizes, which are crafted from recycled plastic harvested from the flip-flops washed up along Kenya's coastline. 

4 February

Bamboo Socks

If you're already a fan of our fairly traded bamboo socks (which come in 2 sizes), you might like the presentation gift boxes which contain 4 pairs and make a lovely present.

4 February

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