Our Products

We re-fill while you wait! We refill the following Ecover products:
- Washing up liquid (Lemon and Aloe vera)
- Laundry Liquid (Non-bio)
- Fabric Conditioner (Amongst the Flowers)  
- All Purpose Cleaner (Lemongrass & Ginger)
- Handwash (Lavender)
- Toilet Cleaner (Pine & Mint)
- Delicate (Waterlily Honeydew)
- Floor Soap.
We also stock other Ecover products that we do not refill (see household.) 
We sell an extensive range of crafts from around the world! Hand made and Fairtrade; our craft products are made from a variety of natural materials including palms and grasses, wood and clay. We stock a large range of inventive pieces made using local techniques and recycled materials, the most extraordinary include baskets made from recycled saris, bags made from water bottles and re pulped papers.

We stock some of the most well known Fairtrade consumables such as chocolate, tea/coffee and dried fruits along side some of the less well known food stuffs such as Zaytoun Fairtrade oil from Palestine, fudge, herbs, curry sauces and Jelly beans! Come and try a bit of everything and we are sure you will find a Fairtrade taste you love - both sweet and savoury tastes accommodated! 

Our Homeware pieces are an ever changing plethora of colourful delights! We stock textiles that include cushion covers and table cloths made, block printed and dyed in India to delicately woven throws and jute rugs.  Our lampshades, made in the Philippines, which hang from the ceiling next to the mosaic mirrors, hand thrown ceramics and recycled blue glasses are made in workshops that support disadvantaged people through fair trade. 

All of our stock could be used for a gift but for those little thank yous and birthday gestures we have a lovely collection of handmade cards and wrapping papers made in Africa, The Phillapines and India. Keyrings, magnets, notebooks and ornaments can all be found in the shop from workshops around the world. A beautiful gift awaits for that special someone or even treat yourself! 

We stock an extensive range of scarves, bags, hats and purses. Some of the most popular products are the bamboo socks and bright recycled leather satchels! Our accessories change every season so pop in for your summer satchel and smart wedding scarf or your winter gloves and slippers!  

The jewellery we stock is an ever expanding range. We love the colourful Mexican earrings hand made by women's co-operatives as well as the delicate hammered metal jewellery from India. Each piece is individually marked by the hands that made them to make each item unique.   
For the practical daily jobs, we stock a variety of household products alongside our Ecover refills. These include bin bags, loo and kitchen pape-, coffee filters, practical gloves and further dry-and-spray Ecover products. Not technically under household but just nearby are our range of shampoos, moisturisers, balms and soaps in a range of scents (including unscented.)   
Ecover in stock (not refillable): Dishwasher tabs, multi-action spray, limescale remover, rinse aid, stain remover, washing powder, Ecover zero.  

With a few exceptions, like our Bala footballs, paper mobiles and baby clothes, our main toy range is from Lanka Kade. Hand made in Sri Lanka each wooden puzzle, letter, vehicle and animal is hand painted in bright and welcoming colours - which is why we have displayed them by the door to welcome you cheerfully into the shop! The range is suitable for a variety of ages and complies with european safety standards - the fabric dolls are suitable from birth so it is never too young to get them into buying Fairtrade! 
If you have any further questions about our products or a specific request. Please contact us and we will be happy to help .